Our unique ice cream concept:
Fantastic ice cream made from some of the best ingredients. We make our ice creams right in our own kitchen in store, so it is always fresh - Never trucked in. 
The best ingredients make the best tasting ice cream!

Wondering why you can't find a gourmet ice cream parlor around...
Well, you can now!

Polar parlor Ice Cream is now open and serving some of the absolute best ice cream you will ever have.  

That's right. We make all of our delicious home made ice cream in house, using the freshest ingredients for our flavors, like real strawberries, real vanilla bean, blueberries, awesome chocolates, bananas, and a bunch of other ingredients. Our rich flavorful ice cream is just what you have been looking for. Also, we have Thai handmade Rolled ice cream made, right in front of you, with the toppings of your pleasure.

We also have 100% dairy free ice cream!
So, if you have not been able to find that dairy free ice cream you have been searching for, come let us tempt your pallet. You will love it.
If it is a big hit, we will open an entire dipping cabinet just for more great dairy flavors!
So tell your friends, and the flavorful temptations will keep coming!

We offer our Dairy Free ice cream for our vegan customers, but we call it dairy free, because it is made and stored in the same equipment as our premium ice cream, so it can't really be called 100% pure vegan. However, our ice cream  batch unit is fully cleaned and sterilize between ice cream and dairy free. 

Allergen notice:
We process all of our ice creams in the same batch freezer/mixer.  
We also double clean and sterilize after any allergen foods are used.  So, things like almonds, peanuts, etc.  
However, there is still a chance of some trace amount, so if you have severe allergies, please keep this in mind. 
Allergens used regularly are:  Milk products, Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Banana, Coconut. 

All of our ingredients are made from natural items and flavors.

But there is more!

More fun for you!

Cleveland Tn, it is time to get excited for an ice cream parlor like no other!

Sweet Temptations are coming your way!

Polar Parlor Menu

For our menu, please
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Now Available:  Call in your order to go! 

So far we have the following flavors of great in-house made ice creams:  

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana Pudding, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chip, Mint Chip, Butter Pecan, Double Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake, Raspberry Chip, Coffee Crunch, Reese cup, Salted Caramel, Blueberry cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, M&M, Rocky Road, Candy Cane, Coconut. 

and 2 dairy free flavors:  Pina Colada, and German Chocolate. 

more to come.

Hand made - Oh So Good...

right in front of you in about 3 minutes!

Pick your toppings! - up to 3 included

Watch as it comes to life - right before your eyes

Smooth and delicious - Rolled and served in a cup

Dairy Free Ice Cream:

Pina Colada and German Chocolate, with more flavors planned soon. 

Boba Tea / Bubble Tea

Several flavors to choose from - Freshly made and ready to go.  Great tapioca pearl boba, and tasty fruit flavored bursting bubbles too. 

Flavor ListBlack tea or White peach Green tea

Strawberry, Mango, Green Tea, Red Bean,
Mocha, Taro, Matcha (green tea), Dairy Free Milk Tea.

Bursting bubble flavors:

Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry, Kiwi, Passion Fruit and Mango.

So Refreshing - We can't wait to see the smile on your face!

Soft Drinks

Quench your thirst - Satisfying flavors

Incredible Flavors - Favorites and Polar Parlor Ice Cream Original flavors too.

*More info to come - Stay posted and check back soon.

The Polar Parlor Vibe

Come play

We have a couple of FREE arcade games to enjoy while you are here.
Each of the pictures below is just template filler --- New Pic's to come soon.

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